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seraph_graphics's Journal

Seraph Graphics
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This graphics community was created as a place where three kindred souls could come to share their creativity with the rest of LJ. We toiled long and hard to come up with a name that was not only unique, but was singular to our vision of what we wanted to share; A delicate blend of strength, surrealism, gentleness, and beauty.

We hit home with seraph_graphics. The three pairs of wings, as you might guess, belong to us, the creators of the community. All three of us have aspirations to soar above the maddening qualities of everyday life. Fortunately for you, we tend to do that through bouts of creative design.

And so, we share with you our icons, our blinkies, and whatever else manages to escape from our screen to yours, through seraph_graphics.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our bit of heaven.

There aren’t too many rules for this community, as it stands. Still, while a little bit of chaos is tolerable, it makes things much easier for us if you can abide by the following requests. Also, please note that these may be subject to change, but our members will be updated if anything has to be amended.

1. Credit the maker. However you choose to do this is up to you, but please make sure you do it. It helps others find our work, and gives us a warm fuzzy on the inside. Who can deny a warm fuzzy?

2. Download images to your computer, and upload them to your own space. We may go through and delete or move items that we present from free hosting sites, and it’s not nice to steal bandwidth that’s paid for.

3. Please and Thank You go a long way. Manners in general, really. And we soak up compliments like sponges in a desert.

4. NO DRAMA. This isn’t the community for that. Come, look at our graphics, and take some if you like. But don’t bring bad karma into our midst. It’s not good for our creative juices.

5. If request posts are made, please note any special needs posted by the maker. Remember, in requests posts, you are asking the maker to do something special for you…scratch our backs, and we’ll scratch yours.

6. Please friend the community - otherwise, how will you see when we have something new to request?

**If you have other questions, please check our FAQ. If you don't see the answer there, comment on that entry and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.**


Please feel free to link back to us using one of these buttons.

If you'd like to affiliate with seraph_graphics, please fill out the form below, and send it
to Tonya(celestialblue) at psychopheesh@gmail.com. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!