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Seraph Graphics 1 - By me

dagain in seraph_graphics

Funny Quote Icons

Just four funny icons from various comedians. I hope you like them. Please comment and credit if you take/use any.

Also, I plan on getting the rest of the requests from the princess icons and such done tomorrow. Whomever requested after the last pick up post, including blinkies, etc, is still waiting, too. Just in case anyone thought they had done something wrong, you haven't.

We'll be leaving for Florida on the 23rd, and still have quite a bit of packing to do and such, so I may not be able to offer anything else until after that for personalization, etc. Hopefully I can still squeeze out a few more icons for general use, though. ♥

The Icons:


Hey! I snagged the Monday one! Love it!

Great job on these!
Thanks! :D