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Seraph Graphics 2 - By Me

dagain in seraph_graphics

Easter Egg Blinkie Offering

I made this cute little blinkie, and am offering it up to you all for Easter! Whee!

If you'd like one, please read through the rules below, and then copy/paste the form into a comment here.

♥ I'll take up to twelve letters.
♥ I can't really make it balance out without an even number of letters, so you'll have to have either a heart, or a blank box, if your name/text is an odd number.
♥ Make sure your subject reads "Easter Egg Blinkie Request". PLEASE! :D

The Form:

How many letters is that?
If odd, do you want a heart or blank box to balance it out?
If odd, do you want the balance heart/block before or after the text?
Do you have the correct subject line?

Also, be sure to submit your idea for the "Maker Set Challenge" at this post over here!





Name: ♥Emma♥
# of Boxes: 4-6 depending on whether or not you want to use hearts

Please and Thank you Sweetie :)

Re: Request@Seraph_Graphics

Yours is done, hon. I made it the example image...not sure what was up with mine, and the eggs being messed up. But,it's fixed! *hugs*


Re: Request@Seraph_Graphics

Thank you so much hun :) I love it. Saved and will credit when used. Also credited in my Credit Journal. I appreciate the time you took to make this for. Thanks a bunch *hugs*