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Quote Collision

dagain in seraph_graphics

Community Update from Dagain

I just wanted to drop a quick note here, to let everyone know that all my past offerings are closed, and why.

During my vacation from LJ, my hubby had to reformat my computer (seems I don't do an antivirus or antispyware scan often enough, hee), and my files for the past offerings were one of the things that didn't get saved. Nor my brushes/texts/etc.

I'm rebuilding my brush collection, and texts are no big deal, either. But I feel really bad that all the old offerings were lost. *pouts*

Sorry for anyone that came here in hopes of requesting something from a past post (aside from the name meaning icons). I'll be changing the status/deleting the applicable posts, to help keep things organized here over the next few days.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone, and I hope it doesn't run off any of our newer members!



Aww honey, I'm so sorry to hear that. If there's anything I can do, just ask. You know where to find me. ;p *HUGS*!!!

I'm so sorry

Oh my gosh that is awful. I think whisperinangel might be able to help you out by sending you tons of brushes and texts if you need. A couple of our makers at Juicy_Grapes lost their computer as well and I am pretty sure she was able to send them stuff to help them recover some of their stuff.
If you want, I could see what we have that you made for us and you could use them as examples. I think its only a few things unfortunately but I dont mind sending them if it would help.
I'm so sorry sweetie.