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State of the community

Hey guys! I felt that I should let you all know what's up. Tam and I have almost decided on a new name for the community. Once we've decided for sure, I'll make another post with an official announcement of the name, before we actually change it, so that you'll all know what's going on. We also hope to revive the community and start posting offerings again once we've changed the name.

I'll be going through the member list to see who may be a member but doesn't have the community friended, or vice versa, and clearing out those names. We may also do a member check just to see who is still around. So if you're seeing this, and you're still interesting in the community and what we have to offer, please check and be sure that you are both a member, and have the community friended.

Hopefully in the near future, we'll have a new name, a new layout, and new things up for grabs!


i've been wondering where the two of you have been. glad to hear it'll be up and running again!
I'm still here :) Glad to know the community is going to continue!


I cannot wait to see the new look and new pretties!

Good to see you Tonya!! I look forward to all the new goodies..:-DD
Hi sweets! Great to see this community getting ready to get busy again. Please keep me as a member when you do the check. *hugs*
How are you guys doing? I miss you both! I'm in the process of cleaning out some of the communities that I belong to but would like to be around for when you open up the revamped one.

Hope you both return soon! *Hugs*!
Ah, yes, please stick around. I got really busy and didn't have much time, but things have settled down again, so I'm refocusing on the new community name, and as soon as we've chosen one, then I'll start putting up offerings again!
I'll absolutely wait. *nods* :]
Thanks for understanding! :)
I'm still here :)