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My Absence

In reading over Tonya's most recent post and comments, I realized that I hadn't posted here about my absence! *blushes* I honestly thought I had, and I apologize for leaving you all hanging/worrrying/without shinies!

As Tonya mentioned (thankee hon! *huggles*) I'd due with baby number 3 in just a few weeks. We're also getting ready to move (from Iowa to Florida) so we've been quite busy with packing/sorting/throwing things out. All that coupled with a bit of a scare (but everything is fine now) with the pregnancy, and two active children (ages 2 and 4) and I've very little time for much in the internet world.

Again, I apologize for not updating sooner, and like Tonya, I thank those of you who've stayed with us, for staying with us! *huggles*



o0o0o, cool.........

where are you moving in fl?? i live in tampa.

Re: o0o0o, cool.........

The palm coast area for now. We'll be staying with my parents while we find a house. :D

Re: o0o0o, cool.........

i c, cool!! i wish you a safe and fast move. i know moving is a pain!
Congratulations!!! 2,4, and a newborn almost here, and moving...wow, you DO have your hands full!!!
I have a newborn daughter (7-wks old) and a 4 yr old too.
Thankee, hon. *smiles*

Have a bellyfull right now...hee. Congratulations yourself on the wee one! Yay!
i was wondering what in the world happened to you! good luck with your move and congrats on baby #3. i didnt know you were pregnant.
Thankee! :D
So glad to see you hun, like I said in a comment to Tonya's post, I was worried!

A new baby, how exciting! I think you'll like the weather much better in Florida (unless of course you like the cold!).

I'm hanging in there with you girls. ;p *Hugs*!
I hate the cold. Hee. So, I'm quite excited.

Hubby and kids are going to miss the "snow" though. Whatever. I'm the only one who ever really has to drive in it...and I won't miss it one bit! Ha!
Aww, congratulations! I hope all goes well and that you have both a smooth pregnancy and an easy move ♥
Awww. Thankee!

Congrats on baby # 3, God speed to you sweet_heart! be safe!
Thankee! *hugs*
Congratulations on the almost over pregnancy! :D

Gosh, I couldn't imagine moving across the country and having a baby at the same time! I moved across town the day before I was put in the hospital to have my oldest son and that was a headache, but to move across the country...I would have had a nervous breakdown! LOL