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clover girl

celestialblue in seraph_graphics

Please bear with us

About my Absence: I know that this community has been far too quiet for far too long, and I apologize deeply for that. I hope that everyone hasn't left us, and that you're still hanging in there waiting for us!

I had said before that I'd just started working again, and I was having issues with finding the time to make pretty things for you. Just as I was getting to where I thought I'd be able to start again, other stuff came up with my mom, and I was hardly even at home, so the graphics got put off again. (Yes, I'm being vague here, but if you actually want to know what's going on in my life, regarding my mom, all of the info is in my journal, via public entries. You're welcome to read it. I just didn't want to post personal stuff here, for everyone to see, unless they actually wanted to.)

Things should be settling down within the next few days, though, once they do, I still have a lot to do, cleaning wise. But hopefully, even with that, I will start to get some graphics out to you guys. It should help as a good distraction for me.

So, to all of you who have stayed with us, I love and appreciate you guys!

Community Info: In the near future, this community may be getting a name change. We've not decided yet on what it's going to be. We want something that embodies the community, the things we make, and us. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to comment with such!

Thanks for being patient with us!


I quick looked at your LJ and am sorry about everything ♥ you and everything outside of LJ comes first, I can't speak for everyone, but I'll still be here if you need to take more time :-) If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know!
Thanks so much for understanding and for the help. It's greatly appreciated!
Oh Honey, I am so sorry. You take all the time in the world you need.

I was just talking with Wenchy today and mentioned to her that I was a bit worried about you and Tamara because it's been ages since I've seen/heard from y'all...now I understand why.

If there is ANYTHING that I can do for you, please don't hesitate to let me know.
As for Tam, I think she posted a good while back that she's expecting her third child. She's due next month, and not too long after that, they're going to be moving from Iowa to Florida, so it may be a while yet before she can get back to the graphics. But it's certainly understandable!
Yikes! I think I either missed that post or I totally forgot! How exciting for her! :)
Hmm, looking back over the community, it looks like she might not have posted about it here afterall, lol. I don't think she'll mind that I've mentioned it though!
I haven't left :) And I've been reading what's been going on. You take care of yourself too. *hugs*
Thank you hun. And I'm glad you're still here. If you'd left, I would have hunted you down! =P
Things happen. I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

I am a new member.

Thank you for joining, and I'm sorry that we haven't had anything to offer you lately. However, if you look in the sidebar of our page, you'll find a link to my gallery. You're welcome to read the rules there and make a request if you'd like. Just know that I may be a little slow in getting them posted at first, but it will get made!
I am so relieved to see you post in here hun, I was getting worried about you! I'm still here and patiently awaiting the goodies to come - I won't leave unless you kick me out! Much luv *Hugs*!
i've been wondering where you two makers went. personal life comes way before internet life. will be here waiting when the two of you get back!
Thank you for understanding!
I'd often wondered about you and the other makers and hoped that you were all doing okay.

Glad to see you back -- I hope your life settles down soon. <3

Good to hear from you, I was worried about ya'll.

I hope it gets better soon, Take care

God speed