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dagain in seraph_graphics

Holiday Hiatus

Firstly, I wanted to tell everyone how fun this month has been, making all the holiday goodness for everyone here!

Secondly, as of my New Years Icons post, I'll be taking a break for the holidays. I've got a lot left on my plate to take care of as far as RL goes, but promise to be back promptly after the New Year! *cheers*

I'll still be around reading and such, just not offering/filling requests here until after the first of the year. You may still request anything of mine that's still open, of course. Just be prepared to wait for a pickup post after Jan. 1.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!



A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Tamara!

Thank You for all the wonderful graphics you did for me/us!

Take good care!

wishing you all of that christmas & new years happiness!
Have a great holiday! :D
Thank you for making all the holiday goodness!!! :o)

I hope you and your family have very Happy Holidays!!!!!
the layout you put up right now is really nice..
if u dont mind me asking, may i know what type of layout it is ?