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Apr. 12th, 2008

seraph blink



Yet another non graphical community update:

I apologize for the lack of offerings. I'd hoped to start putting up some pretty things for you guys, and then I hit a complete lack of motivation. I've gotten very picky about the graphics that I make, and I have a feeling I'm going to end up deleting a lot of stuff from my gallery. I'm pondering the idea of joining up with a few pay pixel sites to see if I can find some stuff that I like enough to offer.

If you should decide to leave us, I'll understand, but if you can be patient with me for just a little bit longer, hopefully I'll get things going soon and have something up for you guys before long!


Sep. 7th, 2007

blue dark scenic sky


State of the community

Hey guys! I felt that I should let you all know what's up. Tam and I have almost decided on a new name for the community. Once we've decided for sure, I'll make another post with an official announcement of the name, before we actually change it, so that you'll all know what's going on. We also hope to revive the community and start posting offerings again once we've changed the name.

I'll be going through the member list to see who may be a member but doesn't have the community friended, or vice versa, and clearing out those names. We may also do a member check just to see who is still around. So if you're seeing this, and you're still interesting in the community and what we have to offer, please check and be sure that you are both a member, and have the community friended.

Hopefully in the near future, we'll have a new name, a new layout, and new things up for grabs!

May. 19th, 2007

Seraph Graphics 1 - By me



Pick-ups here for:


May. 12th, 2007

Seraph Graphics 1 - By me


Funny Quote Icons

Just four funny icons from various comedians. I hope you like them. Please comment and credit if you take/use any.

Also, I plan on getting the rest of the requests from the princess icons and such done tomorrow. Whomever requested after the last pick up post, including blinkies, etc, is still waiting, too. Just in case anyone thought they had done something wrong, you haven't.

We'll be leaving for Florida on the 23rd, and still have quite a bit of packing to do and such, so I may not be able to offer anything else until after that for personalization, etc. Hopefully I can still squeeze out a few more icons for general use, though. ♥

The Icons:

Apr. 4th, 2007



And The Winning Theme Is....


So, sometime within the next few weeks, I will be making a set of ten fairy icons. And, both celestialblue and I may use some of the other ideas for inspiration for other icons, as well. Thanks again, everyone, for your ideas, and your votes! Yay!

In other news:

Also, not sure I'll be around much for the next several days, with it being Easter weekend and all. Lots of stuff to do around the house in preperation for the baby, yet, AND have eggs to decorate, and spring pictures, etc, to do with the kiddos.

So, in case I'm not on here again before then, HAPPY EASTER! *cheers*


Mar. 24th, 2007

Seraph Graphics 2 - By Me


Easter Egg Blinkie Offering

I made this cute little blinkie, and am offering it up to you all for Easter! Whee!

If you'd like one, please read through the rules below, and then copy/paste the form into a comment here.

♥ I'll take up to twelve letters.
♥ I can't really make it balance out without an even number of letters, so you'll have to have either a heart, or a blank box, if your name/text is an odd number.
♥ Make sure your subject reads "Easter Egg Blinkie Request". PLEASE! :D

The Form:

How many letters is that?
If odd, do you want a heart or blank box to balance it out?
If odd, do you want the balance heart/block before or after the text?
Do you have the correct subject line?

Also, be sure to submit your idea for the "Maker Set Challenge" at this post over here!



Mar. 19th, 2007



My Absence

In reading over Tonya's most recent post and comments, I realized that I hadn't posted here about my absence! *blushes* I honestly thought I had, and I apologize for leaving you all hanging/worrrying/without shinies!

As Tonya mentioned (thankee hon! *huggles*) I'd due with baby number 3 in just a few weeks. We're also getting ready to move (from Iowa to Florida) so we've been quite busy with packing/sorting/throwing things out. All that coupled with a bit of a scare (but everything is fine now) with the pregnancy, and two active children (ages 2 and 4) and I've very little time for much in the internet world.

Again, I apologize for not updating sooner, and like Tonya, I thank those of you who've stayed with us, for staying with us! *huggles*


Mar. 18th, 2007

clover girl


Please bear with us

About my Absence: I know that this community has been far too quiet for far too long, and I apologize deeply for that. I hope that everyone hasn't left us, and that you're still hanging in there waiting for us!

I had said before that I'd just started working again, and I was having issues with finding the time to make pretty things for you. Just as I was getting to where I thought I'd be able to start again, other stuff came up with my mom, and I was hardly even at home, so the graphics got put off again. (Yes, I'm being vague here, but if you actually want to know what's going on in my life, regarding my mom, all of the info is in my journal, via public entries. You're welcome to read it. I just didn't want to post personal stuff here, for everyone to see, unless they actually wanted to.)

Things should be settling down within the next few days, though, once they do, I still have a lot to do, cleaning wise. But hopefully, even with that, I will start to get some graphics out to you guys. It should help as a good distraction for me.

So, to all of you who have stayed with us, I love and appreciate you guys!

Community Info: In the near future, this community may be getting a name change. We've not decided yet on what it's going to be. We want something that embodies the community, the things we make, and us. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to comment with such!

Thanks for being patient with us!

Jan. 7th, 2007

Quote Collision


Community Update from Dagain

I just wanted to drop a quick note here, to let everyone know that all my past offerings are closed, and why.

During my vacation from LJ, my hubby had to reformat my computer (seems I don't do an antivirus or antispyware scan often enough, hee), and my files for the past offerings were one of the things that didn't get saved. Nor my brushes/texts/etc.

I'm rebuilding my brush collection, and texts are no big deal, either. But I feel really bad that all the old offerings were lost. *pouts*

Sorry for anyone that came here in hopes of requesting something from a past post (aside from the name meaning icons). I'll be changing the status/deleting the applicable posts, to help keep things organized here over the next few days.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone, and I hope it doesn't run off any of our newer members!


Dec. 13th, 2006



Holiday Hiatus

Firstly, I wanted to tell everyone how fun this month has been, making all the holiday goodness for everyone here!

Secondly, as of my New Years Icons post, I'll be taking a break for the holidays. I've got a lot left on my plate to take care of as far as RL goes, but promise to be back promptly after the New Year! *cheers*

I'll still be around reading and such, just not offering/filling requests here until after the first of the year. You may still request anything of mine that's still open, of course. Just be prepared to wait for a pickup post after Jan. 1.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


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